Top 10 Media Software Development Companies That Have Gained Customer Trust

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In 2021, media and entertainment platforms accounted for half of all software spending. People love the fact that they can watch their favorite shows or movies outside the home with a couple of clicks on their smartphone or use a convenient web platform to search and select the content they want. 

In 2022, users have already downloaded entertainment programs 12,208.7 million times. It has brought $10.59 billion in shopping revenue. To build an efficient software product, you should partner with an experienced IT firm. Take a look at the top 10 companies that have earned a reputation as experts in media and entertainment app development.

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#1. Andersen: a media software development company 

Andersen is a European Media and Entertainment Software Development Company. It has implemented over 70 projects for the media and entertainment sector. Samsung, Mercedes, Screach, Marvel, and others cooperate successfully with this IT company. 

End-users enjoy such remarkable software solutions as the Grandery advertising data lake, the Rivo online cinema, smart TV apps, a platform for sports broadcasts, an event management system, and others.

About 110 Andersen’s specialists are involved in multimedia software development. They can build any project from scratch or strengthen a client’s team with their expertise (staff augmentation). Andersen uses state-of-the-art technologies, frameworks, and libraries to create programs with a powerful server-side and simple user-friendly design. Currently, the company is working on 22 projects for the entertainment industry. It is always open to cooperation.

Customers evaluate the team’s work with 4.9 out of 5 stars, mentioning professionalism, diligence, and punctuality.

#2. Blue Label Labs: a media and entertainment app development agency

For over 10 years, Blue Label Labs has been creating strategic digital products for media and entertainment companies, financial and healthcare organizations, restaurants, and so on. The team performs a full range of services, from product thinking to development and post-launch support. 

The company’s specialists are experts in media and entertainment app development. The ML solution for players, the Bloomberg mobile platform redesign, and the Time news app – these and other projects evidence their professionalism. Partners appreciate the team’s efficient work and friendliness and cost-effectiveness of products. For example, the iHeartMedia content-on-demand software was ranked #2 in the first week of the launch.

Customers rate this media and entertainment software development company with 4.8 stars, mentioning expertise, creativity, and passion. Derek Arndt, the founder of Battery Acid Games, says that the team members “respond well to shifting priorities, ensuring that critical features work smoothly while simultaneously developing experimental ones”. 

#3. Tintash: a creator of digital products

A media software development company with 15 years of experience, Tintash creates quality solutions for startups, healthcare, education, finance, media, and games. The team of 200 people has over 500 projects under its belt. Four of them are for unicorn companies and three are for Fortune 500 companies. 

Tintash’s successful projects are the DraftKings fantasy sports app, the Care Bears gaming platform, the Novi intellectual game, and the Super Binge chat stories. The team cooperates with such brands as Embr Labs, Playdate Digital, CommonSense Media, and RedBird Advanced Learning.

Clients appreciate Tintash for its responsiveness, remarkable balance of professionalism and cost, and best practices for building software. For instance, the team carried out a project for a Texas gaming company in just two months. Its CEO mentions the employees’ transparency, thoroughness, and organizational skills. These qualities distinguish them from other software providers and influence final products.  

#4. Prismetric: a sustainable business growth assistant

For over 14 years, Prismetric has been building custom solutions. Clients from 25 countries turn to the team for tech expertise. The company’s developers have implemented over 500 projects for FinTech, tourism, logistics, media, and entertainment.  

Among the renowned products of this media and entertainment software development company are the Fans of Soccer game, the Om entertainment platform for purchasing games, the Hitwe dating app, and the Elevate brain training software. Prismetric specializes in mobile and web apps, blockchain and IoT software, data analysis, and product testing. 

The company’s partners rate the quality of media and entertainment app development services, the level of project management, and the employees’ flexibility with 4.8 out of 5 stars. Vineel Dutt, Kabootz Pty Ltd CEO, mentions a fruitful partnership: “The engagement with Prismetric has been stress-free. Their team goes above and beyond, offering 6 months of free bug support and sticking to agreed-upon prices even if development runs longer than anticipated.”

#5. TechAhead: a developer of complex mobile solutions

For 13 years, TechAhead has been helping SMEs to undergo a large-scale digital transformation. It builds powerful mobile and web solutions. This media and entertainment software development company creates products of any complexity from scratch and offers a full range of services, from design and development to product promotion. 

TechAhead focuses on healthcare projects, but 10% of its products are for media and entertainment. It has built the AnyFans communication platform, the Criiio mobile cricket app, the Pickleball badminton solution, and others. Such brands as American Express, Disney, and The Times Internet Group are among the firm’s key partners.

Customers appreciate the company’s tech expertise, responsiveness, and understanding of business issues. Clutch users rate it with 4.8 out of 5 stars.

#6. Algoworks: a global supplier of media and entertainment app development services

Algoworks is famous for its large-scale expertise in technical consulting, UI/UX design, software development of any complexity and direction, quality assurance, cloud technologies, and creating specific solutions (3D games, streaming video, and the metaverse).

Within 16 years, the team has developed over 500 business products. The company focuses on software for the IT industry, but 15% of its projects are for media. These are social networking platforms, mobile games, and 3D puzzles. GoodFirms, Deloitte, and Clutch have repeatedly recognized Algoworks for its professionalism and ingenuity.

Clients rate the media software development company Algoworks with 4.9 out of 5. They mention its unique ability to find practical solutions to any problem.

#7. Naked: a creative development agency

The employees of this media and entertainment software development company are creative people. For almost 10 years, they have been discovering, strategizing, designing, building, and launching businesses. Specialists know firsthand how to turn an idea into a multi-million-dollar project. 247 valuable apps and partnerships with such brands as Google, the American Red Cross, and Bank of America confirm this.

50% of Naked’s projects are software solutions for media, art, entertainment, and music. The agency’s employees are professional and open to change. They have a profound understanding of clients and perform tasks timely. Customers rate the developers’ efforts with 4.9 stars. Raava’s founder Wyatt Fletcher shared his impressions of Naked: “The team possessed strong project management skills, responding quickly to questions. Their transparency and willingness to help were also valuable during the engagement”.

#8. Wonderment: a digital pioneer

The California-based media software development company Wonderment not only builds high-quality products but also strives to surprise customers with innovative solutions. The team’s principal focus is media and eCommerce apps. They make up 40% of the projects.

Over the years, the company has partnered with 75 clients, including Walgreens, William Morris, NASA, Cast It Networks, and Warner Media. Thanks to Wonderment, consumers use the video site, the Casting Networks platform, and the STORYSCOUT media app.

Wonderment has one of the highest ratings on the Clutch website. Shamia Lodge of ReInvenring ReEntry stresses the team’s incomparable performance: “There aren’t many companies like that in the tech space. Wonderment Apps is a cut above the rest.”

#9. DigiTrends: a tech expert

The company seeks to help businesses succeed in the digital environment. For each project, the team organizes a unique development process, from ideation to quality control and product support. Nestlé, Pfizer, Himont, and other clients have followed this path with DigiTrends.

DigiTrends specializes in medical projects, but 10% of its solutions are media and entertainment apps. GoodFirms, Clutch, Inc.5000 awards have recognized the company’s work. Customers rate the firm’s performance and quality of services with the highest rating of 5 stars.

Imran Muhammad, CFO of Transheal USA Inc., shared his impressions of the collaboration: “The team used agile methodology to meet the timelines successfully. Overall, their communication skills, delivery times, and work quality were the hallmarks of their work.”

#10. STRV: an implementer of bold ideas

STRV’s team members are thoughtful engineers, designers, and project managers. They can turn any idea into a unique product. These tech “wizards” have 18 years of experience in product management, data management, design engineering, media and entertainment app development, and software testing.  

STRV is a tech expert in building software solutions for the education and financial industries. The company excels in creating media and entertainment projects. Thanks to the team, consumers enjoy such products as the Athletic sports broadcasting app, the Cinnamon video platform, and the Songclip music video library.

According to Clutch, this IT firm is in the top 1% of developers, with nearly 50% of clients turning to STRV on someone’s recommendations. Alex Mather, the founder of Athletic, says that the apps the team has created have raised $100 million. That’s not an isolated success. Partners praise the team for its high performance, expertise, and responsiveness in getting things done. STRV employees’ efforts are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars.


By entrusting your project to one of the 10 media software development companies mentioned above, you will get decent results. Check the list of services, work experience, portfolio, reviews on official websites, and the Clutch rating of the company you want to cooperate with. Remember that a good tech partner is the most important investment.

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