School of Engineering unveils MIT Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Engineering Excellence | MIT News

In July 2022, the MIT School of Engineering welcomed its first class of scholars selected for the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Engineering Excellence. The idea for the fellowship grew from conversations taking place within the school’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee — established in 2020 — that identified a […]

Quantum Computing: A Utopian Dream To Reality

By Rajat Kohli, Partner, Zinnov; Atul Srivastava, Engagement Manager, Zinnov; Swapnil Keshari, Project Lead, Zinnov; Kashvi Jajodia, Consultant, Zinnov What do JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo have in common? They all are leveraging Quantum Computing to enhance and transform their operations. Quantum Computing’s continuous advancements – an influx of […]

Recent advances in use of bio-inspired jellyfish search algorithm for solving optimization problems

Giuseppe Meazza

This section focuses on the use of jellyfish search optimizer (JSO) in engineering optimization, prediction and classification, and the algorithmic fine-tuning of artificial intelligence. Engineering optimization The jellyfish search optimizer (JSO) has been used in various engineering fields, such as power systems and energy generation, communication and networking, and civil […]

AddUp And Dassault Aviation To Use Metal AM Technology For Aeronautics Mass Production

Giuseppe Meazza

FormUp 350, a New Generation AddUp PBF machine/Source: AddUp Solutions AddUp Solutions, a global metal additive manufacturing OEM, and Dassault Aviation, a French manufacturer of military aircraft and business jets, are working together to transition metal AM technology for aeronautics from “prototyping” to “mass production.” To accomplish this, additive technology […]

Synergetic optimization for reducing residual

Giuseppe Meazza

image: Researchers from Japan and the USA propose a deformation reduction strategy in LPBF-based additive manufacturing involving a synergetic optimization of laser hatching orientation and lattice density distribution. view more  Credit: Akihiro Takezawa from Waseda University, Japan In additive manufacturing (AM), metal parts are commonly 3D-printed using a fabrication technique called […]

Intelligent route to design efficient CO2 reduction electrocatalysts using ANFIS optimized by GA and PSO

Giuseppe Meazza

Abbasi, F. & Riaz, K. CO2 emissions and financial development in an emerging economy: An augmented VAR approach. Energy Policy 90, 102–114 (2016). Article  Google Scholar  Kayani, G. M., Ashfaq, S. & Siddique, A. Assessment of financial development on environmental effect: Implications for sustainable development. J. Clean. Prod. 261, 120984 […]