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In this post we will discuss the various aspects surrounding creating great content.

Why is content creation important?

Content creation is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies there is.

Content creation is the practice of providing free information to your audience, thereby attracting an audience to your website and retaining customers by creating engagement.

40% of marketers say content marketing is an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Content can create business growth. Let’s look at the different types of content to create and review your entire content strategy.

Content Creation Ideas

1. Blogs

One type of content is blog posts. Blogs can educate your audience, entertain them and inspire them. When someone searches for something on Google the posts that appear on the top are generally blog posts. As such, blog posts can be a critical part of the sales funnel and help aid the buying process through informational content.

Content Creation Ideas for Blogs

Blogging is worth your time and effort and for most of us blogging is the most effective way to drive traffic.

But at times its tough to narrow down your focus to create relevant content.

Here are tips to get started:

Answer a Question

Not sure of which question to begin with, start with beginner questions. This lays the foundation of your blog.

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Your recent experience or someone else’s can help. Once you figure out the right questions, start filling in the complete answers.

Don’t skim over the details because this is where you provide most value to readers.

People shy away from asking questions because they might feel others see them as stupid.

Jobber answers common questions for its target audience with its series of Salary Guides. It’s no secret that finding and retaining employees is a common pain point, and it’s no difference for service businesses. That’s why Jobber has answered the question as to how much service techs make in their content, like in this Painter Salary guide.

Compare and Contrast Solutions to a Problem

Another way to serve readers is by helping them make a decision. There are several answers online but all of it can feel overwhelming, If you’re the expert then a decisive post from you that helps your readers make a decision can help them.

Share your expert opinion so that buyers can take an informed decision.

As you choose what to compare, ensure the products have more similarities among them than differences.

When writing compare and contrast blogs for a product or service always strive to be honest. You can also send this content in the form of email newsletters.

Teach Something

The most popular blogs tend to educate their readers. It’s ok to start small. Don’t cover a broad topic. Instead, choose a niche topic that people in your industry care about.

As you create how-blogs, remember a few things:

  • Always use short sentences and short paragraphs to start with a clear structure.
  • Avoid technical jargon and other hard-to-understand terms.
  • The directions should be easy for a beginner to follow
  • Consider incorporating video content into the blog for those who are visual learners

The tips should help readers learn and bring more traffic and interest in your educational content.

Daily, Monthly, or Weekly Series

Write a series of posts that are useful to readers and help you grow your blog. A series usually goes along for a set period of time.

You can create content that you can easily repurpose for other channels, whether it be through text posts, infographics, videos, etc.

You can create content that you can easily repurpose for other channels.

Quizzes and Surveys

Blog surveys are another way to collect feedback from your audience.

  • Surveys can help you understand the content your audience wants
  • Choose products to sell
  • Create a social media following
  • Go viral by creating interactive content and more

You can always use ContactOut’s tool to conduct outreach.

2. Podcasts

Podcasts are similar to radio. Anyone can create them. However, there’s a big listening audience for them. 28% of Americans who are 12 years old and up listen to podcasts every week. Podcasts are interesting to listen to when the audience loves the host and wants to learn something from them.

The best part is that your target audience is seeking out valuable and useful content in the form of podcasts, so creating this content type can be effective for outbound lead generation. After all, isn’t it great to capture more leads while being useful?

Podcasts are most popular among office goers who tune in to their favorite shows while hitting the road. Podcasts are now slowly replacing radio as a medium to deliver super refined niche content.

And hence the popularity of the vehicle.

3. YouTube Content

YouTube has grown to be the second-largest search engine there is. Plenty of people use YouTube like a regular search engine to find things they care about.

That’s why creating content and putting it on YouTube can be an excellent way to grow your audience online.

Being successful with a Youtube channel when there are so many different channels pushing similar content is hard. But its doable if you’re consistent with it.

What I have seen successful YouTube channels do is to first find an angle that no one else is using and second post videos regularly. They create content every week, if not two to three times a week and hit 1 to 2 million subscribers which is enough to run a sustainable business online.

For example ZigWheels a popular car comparison site frequently posts educational videos on its YouTube channel to accelerate its growth and reach new audiences.

Here’s them comparing newly launched ev scooters on an uphill ride.

What do you think of the tips discussed here? Do let us know in the comments below.

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