Digital Business Cards market expected to grow to 258.9 Million USD by 2025

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ShareEcard - Digital Business Card Market Growth

LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND, December 1, 2022 / — The digital business cards industry is a rapidly growing field that is changing the way businesses communicate and share information. As technology advances, more and more businesses are turning to digital business cards to create a more efficient and effective way of connecting with customers and business professionals. With the projected growth of the digital business cards, the market is estimated to reach $258.9 million by 2025. It is clear that this technology is here to stay and most sales professionals are adopting digital business cards as the tool of choice.

This industry is further bolstered by the growing popularity of social media networks. Businesses are increasingly utilizing social media networks to reach their target audiences, and digital business cards provide an effective way to engage with their customers and partners. Additionally, social media networks provide businesses with a powerful platform to market their products and services, further driving demand for digital business cards.

“We want to be a leader in this marketplace”, says the CEO of ShareEcard, AJ Berman, based in Switzerland at the company’s global headquarters. Furthermore, he says: “Everyone wants to Stand Out with a great design and a unique Digital Identity that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Today, we’re living in a mobile-first, digital-first age. With digital innovation and sustainability being the hot topics of the day. You must think about whether you want to leave a Carbon Footprint or a Digital footprint. Virtual business cards are a big step forward, with the 21st century focusing on digitalization in almost all aspects of life.”

North America is bursting at the seams with professionals who see the value of networking and sustainability. The majority of people keep cash and credit cards (digital currency) in their wallets (paper money). The same is true of business cards; you can choose between paper and digital versions. Engaging your audience is what you actually desire, whether they are on the internet utilizing smartphones or are still in the “analogue” world. Therefore, for a better user experience, traditional and digital business cards complement one another. It is simple to create and share a digital business card by SMS, email, QR code, and numerous social media networks. The adoption of digital business cards will increase along with the number of smartphone users.

At ShareEcard, they provide cutting-edge digital business cards that may be shared with an unlimited number of people and times, anywhere, at any time. They provide very moderately priced digital business cards that are simple to generate on their online ordering systems.

According to a study by Market Research Future (MRFR), the market size for digital business cards market is estimated to reach USD 325.7 million, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% by the year 2027. Therefore, it is prudent and safe to select a provider that not only fits your budget, but also provides the greatest service.

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