Capital City Comic Con will not return to Victoria in 2023 and here’s why

Giuseppe Meazza
(Capital City Comic Con / Instagram)

Going out on top. 

That is the sentiment of Capital City Comic Con after announcing the well-supported cosplay event will not return to Victoria in 2023. 

This comes as a surprise after the three-day event held in September was well received by the community, well attended, and supported by a number of key sponsors.

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After a two-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sci-fi and comic convention withstood three turbulent years. 

Although the event received immediate success this year, behind the scenes, funding and event planning required to turn around the comic convention placed a growing economic strain on event organizers and investors.

“(Comic Con) is not only an event that attracts out-of-town visitors but many Greater Victoria residents as well. However, as a nonprofit with limited resources, we must weigh the effort required to hold a successful event with our focus on marketing, sales, and enhancing the sustainable tourism development,” said CEO of Destination Greater Victoria, Paul Nursey in a media release.

Regarded as one of Victoria’s largest community events, many residents and local business owners agree Capital City Comic Con has helped place a spotlight on restaurants, small businesses and local attractions in downtown Victoria. 

“We have set the bar high for this event and want to deliver the best product possible. Holding the event in March 2023 is too soon. I support taking a step back, evaluating the event and considering how best to proceed,” said Jeff Bray, CEO of Downtown Victoria Business Association.

There are many supporters, including Candice Woodward, who are passionate about Victoria’s Comic Con. 

As the owner of Cherry bomb Toys, Woodard says the event has not only helped support her business, but it has also increased her love of Cosplay and the comic community.

“This event has been a passion of mine since the beginning. I love the Cosplay, fan culture, community and seeing so many happy faces and families attend the event,” said Woodard.

As Capital City Comic Cons run comes to an end, the convention’s departure isn’t so much of a goodbye but rather a see you later.

“We appreciate everyone’s support of our non-profit convention over the years and we will revisit putting on another in the future. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event so special,” said Woodard. 

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