4 creative trends that will draw buzz in 2023

With ever-evolving trends in the digital space, it is imperative for brands to reflect what consumers need and are more attracted to. According to the Adobe Stock 2023 Annual Creative Trends Forecast, there are four key creative themes which companies will have to take note of in the coming year. 

These trends are expected to significantly influence content in the new year and guide the creator economy. For the sixth consecutive year, Adobe analysed emerging visual cultural themes and major brand campaigns across a myriad of sectors – from the work of celebrated fashion designers to the creations of everyday users – and gathered stock industry data to identify the design trends and aesthetics that will dominate the digital space in the coming year.

1. Psychic Waves

adobe stock psychic waves collection659

Psychic Waves encapsulates the post-pandemic shift towards prioritising mental and wellness. This visual effect provides a sense of calm, which has been deemed necessary with 46% of Gen Z saying that they are anxious and stressed. The psychedelic colours and aesthetics incorporate surrealist styles to convey experiences beyond the tangible world.

2. Real is Radical

adobe stock real is radical collection660

Real is Radical is a celebration of candid and unvarnished moments. Brands are looking to adopt inclusivity in their campaigns, featuring all races, genders, abilities and sizes in an attempt to embrace the real over the curated. Citing a recent report by Pinterest on body neutrality, Adobe said there are 36% “loving myself” searches and 32% “how to become more confident” searches, which indicates a rise in accepting oneself and being authentic. According to Adobe, this trend has gained traction across all social media as well as apps such as BeReal and Locket that gained popularity this year.

3. Retro Active

adobe stock retro active collection657

This theme is inspired by Gen Z creators who are creating content heavily inspired by trends and aesthetics that gained popularity before their time like Y2K and the ’90s. It focuses on content that explores vintage styles and adds a modern touch to them. With 42% of today’s creator economy being Millennials, these trends are being propelled further.

4. Animals and Influencers

adobe stock animals influencers collection658

This theme appeals to the consumers’ affection for creatures and virtual influencers. According to Adobe, they have proven to be powerful tools that attract and retain consumer interest and engagement. Consequently, they have galvanised a strong presence in brand messaging, proliferating across sectors in the form of anime, illustrations, photography and 3D renders.

A hunger for optimism, happiness and positivity along with entertainment makes this theme a consumer favourite. According to Adobe, there was a 118% rise in global demand for anime over the past two years and virtual influencers yield three times more engagement than humans do, leading to brands leveraging them in more of their advertising efforts.

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